Our Story

In 1954 First Baptist West, known then as Brockland Mission, was formed. On February 25, 1968, Brockland Mission changed its name to First Baptist West and became a satellite church of First Baptist Church with a goal of reaching the growing number of people on the west side of Lawton. Our congregation worshiped in a building located at 61st and Ferris. In 1973 First Baptist West was constituted into a church and thus became an independent church and moved to the current location in 1982. In October of 2014, we dedicated a new wing of our building which doubled our space. FBW now strives to reach and disciple those whom Jesus died to save.

Why Give?

We give out of gratitude and obedience to God. Although His resources are limitless, He calls each one of us, who follow Him to share in His provision through our financial gifts on a regular basis. We are called to give generously and as we do, we learn that God meets all our needs and even gives us the joy and satisfaction through our gifts. Your financial giving helps support the ministries and mission endeavors of First Baptist West from the Preschool to Senior Adult ministries to missions in Lawton and around the world.

Make a Difference

Our Vision statement is “Love God, Love People, See Lives Change.” As we grow in our relationship with God and with His family, the church, and as we reach out to a needy world we come to see lives changing for the better. You too can make a difference by getting involved at FBW. The most valuable resources we have are people who give of their time and talents to help us reach the world for Christ.

Show Your Generosity